How to bet on the team that suffered a shocking defeat

One thing you can be sure punters. Practically every big football tournament (MS, Euro, FIFA Confederations Cup, and so on) turn out some matches shocking result. It did not happen very often, but virtually every one of the tournament favorites succumb to the average (if not downright dismissive) team. For bettors this experience is frustrating, since most of them just betting on favorites.

Another problem is that punters often do not know what defeat the team really means and how it should go forward (if they want to bet on the next game the team). That’s why we have created a list of six main factors that you must consider in such a situation:

1) Why did they lose?

The most important question to which the bettor must ask. You have to go back in time and see what happened + how much it is likely that it will happen again. Mainly you have to find out if a favorite lost because his opponent was able to exploit a weakness or playing style, against which the favored team fail.

You also need to consider whether a defeat is not that the favored team underestimating your opponent or not enough motivation. The culprit, of course, can also be just bad luck. However, if the favorite lost due to a weakness – which rival advantage – his next opponent will learn from this and will try to do the same. Better is therefore a scenario where a defeat, a lack of motivation and concentration. In such a case, this “slap” in a similar defeat against outsider vzburcuje team and all the players begin to work at 110%.

2) Are the players healthy?

Every experienced gambler knows that a rapid and intense tournament team can accomplish most undermine poor health of the players. Thus, if the favored team lost, you should look at the state of health of the players. If you were injured key players, it’s bad. It is also possible that the players are not directly injured, but they have some little “quirks” that they do not work at full capacity.

Beware also of whether the coach during a match nestřídal a player unexpectedly and without explanation – in this case, it is quite often to blame injuries.

3) How to respond to media?

On major football tournaments media are literally everywhere and what launches the world, has a great impact on how it is subsequently The betting public. If the team loses and Media him in the public eye sinks may arise markets are a great value (if you think that the team just tripped and return to winning).

Conversely, if the media over the losing team just shrug off, but you’d think that the crisis of the team is much deeper than it looks on the outside, you can find a decent value in betting against that team.

4) What is the impact on their chances of defeat?

International Football Tournament teams leave no room for error. Sometimes – though not always completely – can only be lost to extremely bad or even fatal. If the team loses in the group and threatens him so that do not advance to the knockout fights, players can either find an extra portion of motivation, or vice versa begin to panic. Both can have a significant impact on their performance in the next match.

However, if the lost match of the tournament thanks to practically nothing, you should dedicate this point hype.

5) Who play next?

You have to note that the next opponent is the team plays a big role. It is similar to the rival team against which failed in our favorite? This is a team that is a rival of the team? Or is it the team with which the team played only a few times in history? Will the original favored team and favorite in this match? The more you understand about the next opponent of the team, the better you make betting decisions.

6) How to cope with adversity in the past?

Sports bettors know that over time, inevitably encounters a bad streak. Their success or failure will decide how to cope with the situation.

Similarly, it is also for football teams. Some teams remain despite the defeat mentally strong and still get an extra dose of motivation, but some teams on the contrary, begin to doubt themselves a “blanket falls on them.”

To find out what is the mentality of the team, there is nothing easier than to look into the historical record. Here you will find all the necessary information. Be careful when applying it, you did not take into account too old records.

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